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We offer a full bridal service, so come in and discuss with one of our stylists.

Choosing a stylist for your big day can be a daunting prospect. What style do i want? Will it suit me and my dress?
Can I see what it will look like before the wedding day? How much will it cost? Should I have my bridesmaids hair done too?
The list of questions goes on.
Here are a few answers to help you decide from Capelli.
Choose a stylist who is doing weddings all the time. Its a specialised area, the hair needs to look fabulous right up to bed time.( it may not survive the night!!!)
knowing what the dress looks like is very important in choosing a style that will compliment the whole look. So we suggesrt choose your dress first, then hair and then what to put into your hair to decorate the style, tiara, flowers, jewels.
We always recommend a wedding practice to try out some different looks so that you can relax on the day, knowing you are totally happy about how your hair will turn out.

Our wedding hair specialist Helen, was a bride herself in 2009 and knows what is important when choosing a theme for a brides hair.

"On my day I wanted it to be a romantic look, feminine which I felt I achieved. I did my own hair because I knew what I wanted. I've got strong ideas and I like a bride to look like a princess, curls, movement and texture. It's important to take into account how to balance the overall shape of the dress along with the face shape of the bride, so that one compliments the other.
I like to invite the bride to the salon months before the wedding to have an in depth conversation, where we will chat about the dress and any other ideas the bride has. I like to hear other suggestions and I want to feel excited about the whole look. If we get along and the bride wants to book me for the wedding day, we book a practice session. This will take an hour or two and the idea is to achieve a style that the bride is delighted with. Quoting a price is difficult because it depends how long it takes to create a particular look and how many bridesmailds, mothers, friends that may wish to have their hair styled. I can give you an idea once we have had our initial consultation, which is free

"I have a passion for wedding hair, it allows me to express the kind of hairdressing that I love."

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